What Are Some Tools to Identify Corporate Culture?

  1. Consider the physical work environment. Is it formal or informal? Do workers personalize their space? What kind of décor do you observe? Is food/drink/music allowed?
  2. What is the dress code? Are employees expected to wear uniforms? If not, what are the expectations for wardrobe? Do these expectations vary with the individual’s job title? To what extent does clothing convey status?
  3. How is performance measured and rewarded? Does the system in place seem fair to all?
  4. What are the company’s stated values, their vision, their mission statement? Do their values in private seem to align with their values presented to the public?
  5. What policies are in place for safety, environmental responsibility, family leave, sick leave, holidays, etc.? Do they seem to value a work-life balance?
  6. How do people to talk to one another? Are they formal? Informal? Collegial?
  7. Is collaboration encouraged? Or is competition more dominant?
  8. Do employees socialize at work? If so, how? Do they socialize outside of work?
  9. What behaviors are considered acceptable? Unacceptable? How do people figure this out? Is it written down? Explained? Or do people learn from making mistakes?
  10. How is conflict handled? Do employees have opportunities to improve?
  11. What is the stress level of employees? Do people feel supported in their work? Are employees given a reasonable amount of time to complete their tasks?
  12. How is diversity handled within the culture? Is it valued? Do people feel welcome?
  13. What is the system of leadership? Do employees feel supported or intimidated?
  14. What else do you notice about the culture? Each person will experience it differently.


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