Having Effective Meetings

The following are some tips for effective meetings:

  • Plan date, time, location, who should attend
  • Choose Meeting Facilitator; it can be the same person who is in charge of the project or you can choose a different facilitator each meeting
  • Set an Agenda; this is done by the meeting facilitator who also asks for agenda items from the team
  • Start and End Meetings Promptly (Be on time!); be courteous of other people’s time
  • Address Each Agenda Item Separately;
  • Be Courteous and Encourage Participation
  • Reach Consensus and Move On; if you cannot reach consensus or a single agenda item is taking too much time you can postpone that item to another time
  • Record Decisions
    • What actions will be taken
    • Who is responsible for those actions
    • When should it be completed by

Here are two excellent Ted Talks on teamwork:

Here are some others you may also wish to view:

More on teams and team communication can be found in chapter 7 “Managing Team Communication” in Fundamentals of Engineering Technical Writing .


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