This chapter introduces you to writing in Computer Science (CS). CS is a broad field with numerous distinct pathways through education and the Information Technology (IT) job market. A person interested in the IT field can choose to specialize in areas such as Software Development, Database Administration, Network Administration, Data Science, Cybersecurity, and others. Each specialization within IT has its own educational and skill expectations. Writing across the disciplines involves some differences in approach; however, professionals in IT generally follow the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Writing in CS and in the IT field is often assumed to fall into the purview of Technical Writing primarily: that is, system documentation, specifications, instructions, and the like. However, IT professionals can also expect to write in other ways in their careers. Although the focus of a technical professional is on the tasks of their job, they also must communicate in writing in various ways, such as business and professional writing, project management communications, interpersonal communications via email and online platforms, and employment-related writing. To keep the scope of this chapter manageable, we will focus on a few key types of writing expected in the IT industry.


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