Regional and Global Climates and Change

10.1 Learning Outcomes

In this activity, you will explore the spatial patterns and characteristics of El Nino and La Nina and the effects on global climates. Next, you will find areas that are predicted to change because of climate change. Finally, you will investigate changes that might occur to the earth’s surface if Antarctica’s major ice sheets melted.

By the end of this activity, you should be able to:

  • Describe the potential impact of El Nino at various scales.
  • Compare and contrast the characteristics of El Nino and La Nina.
  • Describe the changes in global temperature and precipitation amounts and infer their consequences on current bioregions.
  • Analyze the impact of major human systems (such as transportation networks) caused by the melting of various parts of the Antarctic ice sheet, causing a significant sea-level rise.
  • Predict how such a catastrophe might change the nature of cities and societies worldwide and propose ways to minimize danger and hardship.

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Supplemental Material

The companion OER eTextbook connected to this activity is Physical Geography and Natural Disasters.


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