Tectonic Earth

4.1 Learning Outcomes

In this assignment, you will examine seismic and volcanic activity patterns around the world relative to tectonic plate boundaries, physical features on the earth’s surface, and cities at risk. Next, you will investigate how the properties of volcanoes are influenced by the crust and tectonic plate boundaries nearest them. Finally, you will analyze population density, tectonic plate boundaries, volcanoes, and earthquake activity, identifying areas of subduction along tectonic plate boundaries in South and Southeast Asia.

Learning Objectives

  • Locate zones of significant seismic or volcanic activity.
  • Describe how magma is generated at tectonic plate boundaries and hot spots.
  • Determine how melted crust involved in the creation of the volcano influence volcano properties.
  • Describe the relationship between zones of high seismic or volcanic activity and tectonic plate boundaries.
  • Identify densely populated areas that are most at risk for volcanic and/or seismic disasters.

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