Book Title: The Human Experience: From Human Being to Human Doing

Subtitle: An Introduction to the Humanities

Author: Claire Adams

Book Description: This multimedia reader examines how people use a humanities lens to make sense of what they experience, as well as share their experiences with the rest of the world. The information is presented using a pedagogical approach called reverse teaching, which introduces artifacts in their historical, social, political, personal, and other contexts. Along with the narrative, questions for creative and critical thinking prompt the reader to practice self-exploration.

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Claire Adams


Educational: Humanities and social sciences, general


The Human Experience: From Human Being to Human Doing
Claire Adams
Anita Y. Tsuchiya
Emily Dibble and Kati Lewis

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Primary Subject
Educational: Humanities and social sciences, general
Additional Subject(s)
The Arts: art forms, Paintings and painting, Photography and photographs, News media and journalism, Poetry, Biography, Literature and Literary studies, History, Music, Human rights, civil rights, The Holocaust, Philosophy and Religion, Psychology, LGBTQ+ / Gay and Lesbian Studies, Society and Social Sciences, Europe, Russia, China, United States of America, USA, c 1765 to 1783 (American Revolutionary period), c 1789 to c 1799 (French Revolutionary period), Haiti, Rwanda, First World War, Second World War, Gambia, Harlem, Constitution, Revolutions, uprisings, rebellions, International law, c 1955 to c 1975 (Vietnam War period), Syria, Babylonia, Far-right political ideologies and movements, Relating to Jewish people and groups, Confucianism, Globalization
Publication Date
July 31, 2020